Upcoming Events

The Georgetown Graduate Consulting Club is continuously building its calendar of events for the upcoming fall and spring semesters. When we have more information, details for those events will be posted here.

GGCC Events | Fall 2023

Upcoming Resume Workshop with the Career Center! Come join us on September 21, at 5pm!

Past Event Highlights

Consulting with Consultants | November 5, 2021 | View Recording

What: Learn more about consulting industry with Keynote speaker Tamika L.Tremaglio (Incoming NBPA Executive Director) and four successful and impressive panelists—Asif Bhatti (McKinsey & Co), Michael Zalesne (Quadrant Strategies), Victoria Morrissette (Kx Advisors), and Lisa Townsend (BCG)

Consulting After Graduate School: STEM Edition | View Recording

What: Learn about transitioning from STEM to the consulting industry in conversation with two successful and impressive panelists—Irina Wang, B.S. Biochemistry (Georgetown) and Jesse Dill, Ph.D. Biophysics (UC Berkeley).

Going from the Life Sciences Industry to Consulting | View Recording

What: In this panel event, learn about transitioning from the life science industry to the consulting industry from two previous consultants.

What is Consulting? | View Recording | View Slides

What: Learn about the various types of consulting, what consultants do, and discover opportunities for PhDs and PostDocs.

Consulting, Cocktails & Conversations | View Recording

What: Develop the ability to converse confidently and professionally with strangers while actively listening and gathering key information.

The World of Consulting | View Recording

What: Four professionals who understand the dynamics of transitioning from graduate school to a career in consulting provide insights into the world of consulting.