GGCC Resources

The goal of GGCC is to provide the Georgetown graduate community with unique opportunities for career exploration and development in the field of consulting.


Q. What is consulting?
A. Consulting is a very broad term that is used to describe a variety of jobs in different industries. Consultants are primarily hired to solve diverse business problems that are tailored to their industry specific needs.

Q. Is consulting right for me?
A. You are the only one who can answer this! If you’re considering careers in life science consulting or management consulting, click on the respective careers to view two articles that may help you in thinking more deeply about your career path.

Q. What should my resumé look like when I’m applying for consulting positions?
A. You will need to tailor your resume to fit the industry standards. Business resumes and science CVs are very different! Our Georgetown Graduate Career Center or BGE Office of Career Strategy can help you craft a standout resume. Check out the following articles from IGotAnOffer.

Q. When should I start applying for positions with consulting firms?
A. Timelines vary for different firms.: check company’s individual websites and career pages, and stay tuned for updates on firm application deadlines and general application timelines.